Who’s Driving the Bus? My Year as a Kindergarten Mom

New to town, and to one of the top grade schools in the state, Jen Lansing struggles to make friends, impress the teacher and resist the pressure of her peers. That is, until the parent-teacher conference broadsides. As Jen and her husband settle into the tiny chairs, the Kindergarten teacher dashes the expectations they’ve drawn for their daughter, and before Jen and her husband can get on the same page, the promising year turns sour faster than you can say, “ Diagnostic Reading Assessment.” With loads of wickedly funny truths, Who’s Driving the Bus? perfectly captures the parental pulse of our times.

Based on the hit one-woman play of the same title that was written and performed by Egan, Who’s Driving the Bus? is an insightful portrayal of the power struggle between parents and teachers in today’s schools. Egan was inspired to write the play and book after sending her own children to school and observing that many of the most treasured elements of kindergarten are fast-disappearing. Her novel explores the effects of these changes in scenarios that can be simultaneously terrifying and hilarious.

"Who's Driving the Bus? should be mandatory reading for every parent. With great heart and a sharp eye for the absurd, Egan spins a masterful tale of the often topsy-turvy world of today's competitive schools."  

     -- Cara Lockwood, USA Today Bestselling author of "I Do (But I Don't)."

"In this book, Tracy Egan takes a hard look at the power struggle between parents and teachers, but does it with humor and wit."

     --Baton Rouge Parents Magazine, 5/2011

“If you’re going to be a kindergarten parent or have been a kindergarten parent or simply would like to experience the whole ordeal hilariously vicariously, Who’s Driving the Bus? is the book for you. Tracy Egan boasts a keen sense of humor and a Supermom’s eye for detail as she captures what makes school-age parenting such a joyous nightmare.”

     --Mark Caro, author "The Foie Gras Wars"
     Chicago Tribune Entertainment Reporter